We are fully committed to delivering high quality Tree Services.  These include all aspects of Tree Surgery from pruning a small fruit Tree to felling a large 100ft Tree.
All Tree Waste is ground up into woodchip, good quality logs are distributed to a number of different places .... Farms and Homes etc.

Hedges & Tree Shaping

Crown Reduction & Shaping

  • Hedges trimmed, reduced or removed.

  • Tree shaped (a light trim).

  • Height of tree lowered.

  • Remaining branches shaped to be aesthetically pleasing.

Crown Thinning & Lifting

Tree Removal

  • Branches thinned to prevent disease and allow air flow.

  • Raise the crown by removing lower branches to allow more light onto the garden. This aids grass and plants.

  • Trees cut down.

  • Stumps poisoned or ground out.

Stump Grinding & Poisoning

  • Unwated stumps can be poisoned or ground out. 

  • This can be done seperately from tree removal. 

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